Ponosni na rezultate naših učenika – Alen Begović na Gothia cup 2022

Svaka pozitivna informacija o našim članovima a posebno o učenicima donosi nam radost. Tako i dobri rezultati našeg Alena Begovića na Gothia Cup 2022 u Ševedskoj, njegovi rezultati u sportu zasigurno su ponos naše cijele zajednice. 167 ekipa iz 23 zemlje i naš Alen sa svojim timom Eagles učestvovao na Gothia cup 2022. Alen Begović je svršenik Mekteba džemata San Jose te učač Kur’ana iz grupe za omladinu. Alenu i njegovim roditeljima čestitamo te želimo puno sreće i dobrih rezultata u budućnosti.

Intervju kojeg je dao za gothiacup.se prenosi vam u cijelosti u prilogu.

A positive attitude and environment is key according to the American team Silicon Valley Eagles.
– The coaches always want us to stay positive, says the player Alen Begovic.

They think it’s very important that enjoyment is as important as winning games. Because if the players don’t have fun, they will most likely quit playing.
– We have a positive environment. The coaches always want us to be positive, it’s great. All the coaches teach us things. They’re not yelling at us, says Alen Begovic with a laugh.
He’s proud to represent Silicon Valley Eagles.
– It’s a very good club. We have a lot of talented players, he says.

He’s from Santa Clara, a city located in the center of Silicon Valley. Santa Clara is home to headquarters of technology companies like Intel. He loves to play football, or soccer as the sport is called in the US.
– Soccer is very big and very competitive. Some of the most competitive soccer l is played there. The sport is getting bigger back home, says Alen Begovic.
It’s his first time participating in the Gothia Cup.
– It’s exciting to play teams from all around the world. I love the experience.
He likes the city so far, but thinks he will like it more very soon.
– It’s nice. We haven’t explored the whole city yet but I’ve seen rollercoasters that I want to check out and the stadiums are nice, says the talented 16-year-old.

They’re playing in the B16 category. Silicon Valley Eagles won the first games with 12-0 yesterday. Today they lost a tough battle against Intercups MX Green. The Mexicans defeated the Americans with two goals to one. 
– I’m so tired. We could have drawn or won if we had played a little better, but we lost. I think that we can reach the A playoffs if we play slightly better than today, says Alen Begovic, who scored in the game.

Good luck, Silicon Valley Eagles!